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Who we are

Appardvert is a full service independent agency in Europe.

We are a team of geeks and artists driven by the passion for digital marketing and advertising.

Highly skilled in automatic and manual campaign optimization, development and advanced targeting.

We focus on fresh, innovative media solutions that challenge our skills and develop our knowledge.



Cool digital
stuff with a pinch

of rock n’ roll.

Intoduction, CEO

We consider modern marketing any strategy that use a measurable, scalable approach to understanding audience/product alignment.Modern marketing is an constant changing field and in order to achieve success you have to be always up to date.

With the profound complex analysis and machine learning, we’re able to learn quickly what works and what doesn’t work, whether we’re online, offline, or on the go.

Design and Technology

We use technology as a creative power. Whether it’s about web design, UX, web development, mobile solutions or digital products, we use the most innovative and ground breaking technologies to bring digital solutions to life.

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and Concept

Great digital projects start with a solid strategy.

Profound research, competitor analysis, target group understanding and trend exploration help us to determine how your brand should behave in the digital landscape and to identify the best opportunities.

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“Amazing, hardworking, kindest people and really great works!”


“Awesome brandings and tricky design stuff … for sure more than a pinch of rock'n'roll!”

Mitch Tholson

“Thats a great Marketing agency ,happy to have worked with them, highly recommended”

Angelina Mart